Bits and bytes

Before any other concept, it is necessary to understand that all data are represented on a device using bits. 

A bit is a single binary value, 1 or 0 using a single position.

Bits are grouped in Bytes. A bytes is a sequence of 8 bits, each one representing a power of 2, starting with 2 power 0 on the right, ending with 2 power 7 on the left.

Bytes are sometimes groups in larger sequences : 

  • Word : a group of 2 bytes (16 bits)
  • Double word : a group of 4 bytes  (32 bits)
  • Quadruple word  : a group of 16 bytes (64 bits)

Sometimes, bytes have to be grouped in « untypical sizes, and the decoding tab allows the Tyrhex user to quickly get the value with a user friendly interface.

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